About Us


To foster in Malaysia a standard of Cucina Italiana that even Italians envy.



To achieve Our Vision through encouragement of chefs cooking Italian, for Amanti and their guests to have unforgettable dining experiences, and a great time, always at an affordable range.



The Beginning

Amanti Della Cucina Italiana (AdCI), an Italian dinning group, was founded in 2002 but formally registered as a society in 2011.

Helmed by Dato’ Kok Wee Kiat, a Commendatore* since 1989 of the Italian Order, and a handful of others brought together by the love of Cucina Italiana, ADCI has grown steadily. Today, members and guests number more than 100 and are from all walks of life. The Italian Embassy and the Italian Trade Commission have been very supportive; and have encouraged by keeping us abreast of all Italian happenings in Klang Valley.
*[This fact is added with immodesty as it rationalizes the passion and love for Italian culture, and the food & wine to found AdCI.]

In 2005, we began issuing membership certificates. Dr Raffaella di Fabio, then the Deputy Italian Ambassador, was issued the first. In July 2006, the Italian Ambassador, H. E. Alessandro Busacca was made an honorary Amante. His Excellency was later made AdCI’s Patron on the 18th November 2009. The former Italian Trade Commissioner, Andrea Ambra has been a strong supporter and has complimented several of our dinners.

Our Dining

AdCI meets once a month on the day of the month (e.g. 1st January, 2nd February, 3rd March and so on) though there were instances where dates were changed to accommodate special events or requests. Our criteria have been: an Italian restaurant, Cucina Italiana, and a set budget inclusive of a glass of red and a glass of white wine.

AdCI initially required the dining experiences to be authentically Italian; and so dined only in restaurants with Italian chefs from Italy. As we progressed, we realised some local chefs are cooking Cucina Italiana just as good as, if not better than, their Italian counterparts. We then decided that all chefs interested in cooking us an Italian meal should be given the chance to prove themselves; and we had rarely been disappointed.

Certificates of Recognition

Apart from certificate of membership, four optional types of Certificates of Recognition are given:
• To the Chef cooking in the Kitchen;
• To the Restaurant for its service;
• To the Favourite Chef of the Year; and
• To the Favourite Restaurant of the Year.


A survey is done at each dinner where members vote on the authenticity, effort, service and dining experience of each restaurant we visit. This feedback is then tabulated as the bases for selecting awards. Awards given included Chef Federico Machieletto, Chef Rudy, Marini’s on 57 and Truffles of Taylor’s University of Hospitality.